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Web Page Types

  • Personal page: share experiences with friends and relatives
  • Informational page: provide news and information to general public, e.g. parks, government, CNN
  • Educational page: school and college pages for students, prospective students, parents, staff
  • Community site: share information among a community with common interests, e.g. forums, message boards
  • Special interest page: promote particular points of view
  • Non-profit page: provide information on non-profit organization, solicit donations
  • Commercial page: advertise, sell products

Web Page Design Tips

  • Design for the site’s purpose and audience
  • Start with templates, modify for own use
  • Make sure text is easily readable
  • Use meta tags to help search engines find you
  • Provide navigation buttons on top or side
  • Clearly label navigation buttons
  • Use tables to control page layout
  • Avoid animated, flashy icons & bars
  • Avoid complicated backgrounds
  • Keep load times short by managing page size
  • Split large pages into linked smaller pages
  • Can use thumbnail pictures linked to larger pictures
  • Make page style consistent across site
  • Test out on different browsers, screen sizes
  • Check spelling, grammar
  • Use site map, internal search engine on complicated sites

Advanced Web Page Techniques

  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Frames
  • Server-based scripts
  • Java/Javascript applets
  • Multimedia
  • Flash animation
  • Online forms
  • Secure web pages
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