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Digital Photography Advice

Digital Camera Advice

  • Read the manual and try out options
  • Buy the largest memory card you can afford, carry spares
  • Always bring extra batteries
  • Choose resolution based on picture usage
  • Shoot “money shots” at highest resolution and quality
  • Check lens frequently, clean if necessary
  • Cover lens when not in use
  • Know how your auto-focus works
  • Beware of parallax in closeups when using an optical viewfinder
  • Avoid using digital zoom (same as cropping and resizing in photo editor, inferior resolution to optical zoom)
  • Review pictures to see if need to reshoot
  • Shoot slightly wide, crop later
  • To save power: turn off display, don’t use flash, turn off camera when not in use

What to Do With Digital Pictures

  • Make prints
  • Printed media (cards, calendars, posters, books, reports, etc.)
  • Digital slideshows, presentations
  • E-mail
  • Publish to Internet

Digital Photography Processing

  • Download pictures after each excursion
  • Backup picture storage in 2 or more places
  • Check backup before erasing card
  • Never modify original pictures, save to a copy
  • Rotate tilted pictures
  • Crop pictures to improve composition
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, color
  • Adjust size for destination medium
  • Retouch problem areas
  • Clone out unwanted features

Gallery: Digital Image Editing

Click on the thumbnails below for bigger pictures, use your browser's "Back" button to return:

Geese at Lake Almaden
Geese at Lake Almaden, cropped
Original picture
Picture cropped, brightened
Arroyo Burro Beach, Goleta
Color corrected beach
Original scan from old photo, color has turned orange
Color-corrected automatically by Photoshop
Mine Hill Furnace, Almaden Quicksilver Park
Furnace, color removed, sepia tone
Original color picture
Antque photo simulation: color removed, hue changed to sepia tone
Adobe Bldg, downtown San Jose
Adobe Bldg, straightened perspective
Original picture, shot upwards, verticals converge
Picture stretched to straighten verticals
Vasona Lake County Park
Wires removed
Original picture. Note power lines near bottom of tree line
Picture cropped, wires removed by cloning
Watercolor effects
Embossed effect
Use of watercolor effect
Use of special emboss effect
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