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  1. Petting Zoos
  2. Wedding Locations
  3. Best Buy Stores?
  4. Maze
  5. Fighter Plane Rides?
  6. Looking for the ideal camp site
  7. Mystery House

In Reply to: Petting Zoos, posted on August 15, 1999

Q: I am interested in knowing about any live petting zoos for children in East or North Bay.

A: The Oakland Zoo has a petting zoo area in the Children's Zoo.

Tilden Regional Park in the Berkeley hills has a "Little Farm" that has farm animals that kids can pet. Tilden also has a merry-go-round, steam train rides, a swimming lake, pony rides, playgrounds, picnic areas, an environmental museum, a botanic garden, and miles of hiking trails. Also, nearby is the Lawrence Hall of Science, with its hands-on science exhibits.

In Walnut Creek, there's the Lindsay Wildlife Museum. It has a "Pet Library," which offers participants the opportunity to check out a live rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or rat for one week. See:

For more ideas about places to go in the Bay Area, see:

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In Reply to: Wedding Locations, posted on August 17, 1999

Q: I'll be getting married next June and am looking for a location. I want something local, in the Bay Area, preferably a beautiful setted church, or possibly outdoors.

A: Here are links to some places and resources that I found on the Internet: 

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In Reply to: Best Buy Stores? posted on August 20, 1999

Q: Could anyone please tell me the addresses of the five new Best Buy stores in the Bay Area?

A:The locations of all the Best Buy Stores in California are listed here: 

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In Reply to: Maze, posted on October 08, 1999

Q: I am trying to locate the Maze somewhere around Vaccaville or Fairfield.

A: You are probably thinking of the "Wooz," a large outdoor maze that was constructed in Vacaville. It got a lot of publicity a few years ago, but I haven't heard much about it lately. I found a listing for it:

707) 446-3939

Assuming it's still there, it should be east of the Nut Tree, visible from I-80 to the south. 

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In Reply to: Fighter Plane Rides? posted on October 10, 1999

Q: Where can I find out about fighter plane rides with simulation dog fights.

A: If you are talking about rides in a REAL fighter plane, look at this Web page:

Here is what it says:
"Yes, you will be flying the aircraft, an actual Siai Marchetti SF260W, at the only school of its kind in the world today that allows you to learn hands-on the art of air combat maneuvering (ACM), pilots and non-pilots alike! In the air you'll practice gun sight tracking, high and low yo-yo's, pursuit angles, lag rolls, then engage in 6 air to air "G" pulling After landing you'll witness your gun camera kills in a 45 minute de-brief. Includes one hour pre-mission reparation, briefing, and video keepsake. San Jose, California, 1999 dates: Feb. 26-28, Mar. 26-28, Apr. 23-25, May 21-23, Jul. 17-19, Aug.13-15, Nov. 5-7, Dec. 10-12
or private group charter by availability, weather permitting.

Price: $ 795.00 per person plus a $ 20 service fee.
For Reservations or more information: Call us at 1-800-728-1384 or 1-650-726-7626 (9 am - 6 pm PST) Fax us at 1-650-726-7647 (24 hrs.)
E-Mail to:"

Also look here:
In San Diego:
Out of state:

I don't think Backroads did a story on this, but I do remember seeing it on TV. 

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In Reply to: Looking for the ideal camp site, posted on November 09, 1999

Q: I would like to go camping on the new year. I am new to the area so I do not know where to begin. I would like to camp where the weather won't be freezing cold, but less then a 10 hour drive away from the city.

A: Check out my camping page:

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In Reply to: Mystery House posted on November 10, 1999

Q: I would like to know where the Mystery House is.

A: See 

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