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These pages are intended to help high school students to decide on and get into the college of their choice. The emphasis here is on 4-year California undergraduate colleges, though some of the links below have a broader focus. One of the most important steps in deciding on a college is touring it. Some pages contain information and links on touring the major California colleges in Northern and Southern California, including possible itineraries for touring Southern California colleges during spring break. Other pages discuss the process of choosing a college, how the colleges rank, and links to further information. Click on the buttons to the left to begin. Have fun exploring!

As a parent, I originally created these pages in 2001 to help my daughter and her friends when they were planning to tour colleges. She and her friends are now college students. This latest update is intended to help other prospective students visit and get into the college of their choice. Many of the old links had expired, so this update refreshes them.

Disclaimer: these pages are for information only. The information here is to the best of my knowledge, but is not guaranteed to be accurate or timely. The opinions expressed are my own. I have no official affiliation with any college, educational, or scholarship organization. This page was moved from Geocities to my new domain in 11/09.

Created by Ronald Horii
Last update: 11/7/09