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The east side of San Francisco Bay is very different from San Francisco and the Peninsula. It's higher, dryer, warmer in summer, and cooler in winter, particularly in the inland areas. It's densely-populated around the Bay, but has vast untouched regions inland. It includes some of the most rugged and remote wilderness in the Bay Area. There are many regional parks in the East Bay, with a wide variety of habitats. The official governing body, the East Bay Regional Parks District, oversees 46 parks, covering 65,000 acres in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. See Bay Area Backroads: East Bay Parks and policing the East Bay Parks. Other undeveloped lands are on East Bay Municipal Utilities District land and require permits for hiking (See EBMUD - East Bay Recreation Areas.) The city of Walnut Creek has several thousand acres of open space preserves. Note that Mt. Diablo State Park is covered in the State Parks page. Here are some of the East Bay parks that have hiking trails. I haven't explored all of these parks yet, especially the more inland ones, so most of the information here is taken from the East Bay Parks District Website and other Websites. I've been to Tilden Park and Coyote Hills many times and frequently bike the Bay Trail routes. I recently made the hike up to the top of Mission Peak and have explored the hills at Garin/Dry Creek.

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