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Pictures at Coyote Lake - Harvey Bear Ranch County Park, March 10, 2007

These are pictures taken Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch County Park on the Willow Springs and Coyote Ridge Trails on March 10, 2007, starting at the Harvey Bear Ranch entrance on San Martin Avenue.

The barn at the Harvey Bear Ranch.

Looking up the Willow Springs Trail near the trailhead.

Looking back down the Willow Springs Trail.

Poppies by the Willow Springs Trail

Arroyo lupines on the hill by the trail.

View of the Rancho San Ysidro Trail from the Willow Springs Trail.

Popcornflowers and redmaids by the trail.

Looking down the hillsides above Center Creek.

Looking down the valley of New Creek from the Rancho San Ysidro Trail, which crosses the creek.

The Rancho San Ysidro Trail running mid-way along the hills.

View along the hillsides, looking south.

The Willow Springs Trail ascending the hill near a water tank.

Below the trail is a watering trough for cattle.

Cattle trails stripe the hillside.

Looking back down the trail.

Looking up the trail just before the Coyote Ridge Trail junction.

On the Coyote Ridge Trail.

View of Coyote Lake from the Coyote Ridge Trail.

Heading back downhill, this is looking back down the Willow Springs Trail from the Coyote Ridge Trail junction.

The Willow Springs Trail farther below the Coyote Ridge Trail junction.

Hillside above the lower part of the Willow Springs Trail.

Looking at the old barn near the Willow Springs trailhead.

The trail gate at the start of the Willow Springs Trail.

The interpretive sign in front of the old house talks about the Martin Murphy family.

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